Vacuum Shaver

The aim of this project was to develop an existing household product into one suitable for a zero gravity situation, such as space tourism. The concept of this product was

pre-designed by the group leader, and as a group we developed it into a manufacturable prototype.

This is the original concept model of the shaver. It shows the desired features and form, but doesn't provide any feasible way of housing the components and has limited ergonomics with the shape.

Sketch Work

As a group, sketch work was used to develop the concept into a feasible product capable of housing all the required components, whilst maintaining the desired overall form. These are those sketches, using standard components for size reference.

Sketches Razor.PNG

CAD Work

As part of the group, the group leader and I, developed a functional and manufacturable model on the CAD software SolidWorks. These images show  the progress towards the final model and finished renders.

Shell 1.PNG
Shell 2.PNG
Shell 3.PNG
Shell 4.PNG
Shell 5.PNG
Shell Exploded.PNG


From the final design, a prototype could be produced and assembled using standard parts, alongside custom parts produced on an Ender 3 (3D printer), using the CAD models previously generated.

prototype shaver.PNG