Arthritic Key Aid

Key 2.png

The brief for this project was to design a key aid for arthritic people who might have difficulty with turning a key. The aid would need to be strong enough to withstand the forces of a turning key, and to be large enough to comfortably fit in the user's hand whilst being small enough to fit in the users’ pocket. This project allowed me to advance my skills in ergonomic design.

Sketch Work

Key Aid 7.png
key aid 6.png
Key Aid 4.png
Key Aid 5.png
Key Aid 1.png
Key Aid 2.png
Key Aid 3.png
Key Aid 32.png
Key Aid 31.png
Key Aid 30.png
Key Aid 29.png
Key Aid 28.png
Key Aid 26.png
Key Aid 27.png
Key Aid 25.png
Key Aid 20.png
Key Aid 22.png
Key Aid 23.png
Key Aid 17 (Leaf).png
Key Aid 15.png
Key Aid 15b.png
Key Aid 16.png
Key Aid 14.png
Key Aid 9.png
Key Aid 12.png
Key Aid 10.png

CAD Work


To test the ergonomics and functionality of the design, a prototype was created out of MDF. This prototype was subsequently used over the period of a week to show any flaws in the design.

The final design for the key aid was produced in the CAD software SolidWorks. This allowed the shape to be easily defined, and whole product to be easily visualised.

Key Side View.png