Concept sketches Shitter.png

BRÉAU Collection

Sketch Work

This was a live brief for a well known bathroom supplier, with the aim of designing a new range for the company. The brief was to create an innovative, modern range utilising new technologies, whilst maintaining the brand's identity of high quality, traditional sanitary-ware. This project was completed as a team collaboration; my role was developing CAD models, and focusing on the functionality of the design. 

After researching various different cultures, Parisian Art Nouveau, was chosen as the theme of the bathroom, focusing on the fluid forms that can be created from metal pipe-work. These are the concept sketches drawn up from the ideas of the group.

CAD Work

Using the concept sketches as a guide, developed models were created using SolidWorks and Fusion 360. This was the area of the project where I was most involved, modelling the sink, furniture, and the toilet, developing the designs into feasible products. These models were then input into a virtual bathroom created by the group and fully rendered.

Developed Catalog Shitter.png